Wooden Strip Plank

Wooden Strip Planks have become a popular option among designers and architects to decorate the pace in an innovative and fresh way. These planks give a beautiful visual appearance to the same and can be used in a variety of applications. The wooden look can give a luxurious feel to the space and is often recommended for living rooms. Our wooden strip planks are manufactured in 2 main sizes.

Wooden Strip Planks

Available Sizes

You can leverage our wooden strip planks to decorate your homes with incredible aesthetics and mind-blowing looks. The wooden planks are popular for their fresh and natural look. The feel of these planks enhances the vibe of the environments, more so they can blend with any sort of environment and bring the best out of it! Wooden strip planks are versatile and flexible in nature as well.
Our wooden strip planks are available in many different settings and designs, each with its own area of expertise and aesthetic. Our wooden strip planks are also known to enhance the ambiance of the room since they impart outstanding visuals and feel. We manufacture our wooden strip planks across 8 manufacturing plants, spread across India and our planks are exported to a foreign land as well!
Some of the salient features of our wooden strip plank tiles are:
  • - Immune to damage from chemicals: Our tiles can sustain in almost every atmosphere. You do not have to worry about what you spilled on them!
  • - Easy to clean:We all spill something every now and then. What's so special about these tiles is that even though they impart a wooden texture they are still waterproof!
  • - Anti-slip:To create a perfectly safe environment for you as these are loaded with features that can withstand heavy-duty areas without compromising on the features.
  • - Cost-effective:In comparison with actual wood tiles, these tiles are relatively cost-effective whilst providing similar aesthetics and ambiance to the room.
  • - Eco-friendly:It is only fair for us to take care of mother earth, the same whose crust satisfies our requirements of beautiful-looking tiles.

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