Nano Vitrified Tiles

Nano vitrified are essentially vitrified tiles with a nano-coating that covers all the nanopores on the surface of the tiles. These tiles provide a smoother feel, as the pores are covered, and thus help in giving a smoother look to the space. These tiles are popular in the market as they are manufactured with incredible precision and accuracy. The smooth look is achieved by using a layer of silica gel.

Nano Vitrified Tiles

Available Sizes

Nano tiles are packed with a ton of features and are one of the most affordable tiles in the market, in fact, they are the most cost-effective option among all the vitrified tiles. Some of the features of nano-vitrified tiles are as follows:
  • - Economical: As mentioned these tiles are incredibly cost-effective. Meaning you can decorate your space for a fraction of the cost and attain a smooth look with other tons of features.

  • - Resistive nature:Nano-vitrified tiles are extremely resistant to environmental stress, thus they can maintain their shine for a long time. These tiles can withstand and resist; stain, skid, scratch, and slip.

  • - Low-maintenance:Our nano-vitrified tiles are manufactured using nanotechnology, which makes our tiles incredibly dust and water-resistant. You won't have to clean our nano-vitrified tiles regularly. Our tiles can maintain their aesthetics for a long time with significantly less maintenance.

  • - Shine:Even though nano-vitrified tiles are the most cost-effective among all the other vitrified tiles, they offer incredible shine to the floor. The smooth finish can be felt and thus provides a smoother overall visual.

  • - Durability:Our nano-vitrified tiles are durable, all the above factors work unanimously to make our tiles last for a long time and deliver great performance. While being bang for the buck!

Ijaro Ceramic is a leading tiles manufacturer in India we manufacture our tiles with the latest technology and a team of professionals whose area of expertise complements the quality of tile manufacturing and aesthetics. Our nano-vitrified tiles are fit for residential as well commercial settings, only for a fraction of the cost.
As urbanization took place, the importance of different types of tiles was realized, and several new forms were introduced! Thus, depending on your requirement you can browse through our catalog of nano-vitrified tiles and select the appropriate size for your space. Our nano-vitrified tiles are available in a 60x60cm/600x600mm variant, which is adequate for every occasion.

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