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Ijaro Ceramic is a leading and well-known name in the world of wall tiles manufacturer and exporter. We export our tiles in different countries such as USA, Mexico, Oman, Australia and more. Ijaro Ceramic was established in 2021 with a mission to provide high-quality wall tiles to customers all over the world. Over the years, we have been successful in achieving our mission and building a strong reputation in the industry.
Attractive wall tiles manufactured by Ijaro attract people's attention and create an impact on viewers. Therefore, why choose from the rest when you are here at the best wall tile manufacturing company, Ijaro Ceramics? We have a wide range of wall tiles you can choose from. Our collection has something for every occasion and character, so you can go for the ideal wall tiles with which you can resonate.
Additionally, our wall tiles are packed with a ton of features that allows homeowners to be tension free and enjoy their beautiful-looking walls. It comes in several different designs and types. The available sizes at Ijaro Ceramic, the wall tiles manufacturer, are

Available Wall Tiles Sizes

  • 30X45cm (12X18 Inch)
  • 30X60cm (12X24 Inch)
These two sizes are most widely used when it comes to wall adornment. Wall tiles are generally compact in size because they are produced to cover walls to a certain extent. Under special circumstances, if the wall is to be covered fully, still these sizes are adequate to cover them as the number of tiles increases, and so does the versatility of your walls.

Why We Are The Best Wall Tiles Manufacture?

1) Leverage State-of-the-art Technology:

Our wall tiles are manufactured by leveraging state-of-the-art technology and machinery, operated by a team of professionals thus ensuring top-quality products. Our vast collection of tiles is all packed with stunning visuals and durable nature.

2) The Customer First Mindset:

As a leading wall tiles manufacturer, we don't believe in compromises. We constantly innovate and introduce new designs in our collection that is resonating with our customer’s requirements. Thus, customer satisfaction is our primary goal and we intend to work by it by delivering an exceptional line of tiles and follow-up services. You can leverage our wall tiles as per your requirements and give your homes your personal glow-up. Browse through the variety of designs in our collection and decorate your homes with incredible aesthetics.
Our wall tiles are also popular on a global scale because they can help to enhance the mood and environment of your homes. Installing such beautiful tiles on the wall also gives your guests something to look at, and we all know first impressions are last!

3) Quality And Innovation:

Ijaro Ceramic is committed to providing high-quality wall tiles that meet international standards of quality. So, we uses the best quality raw materials, and our products undergo strict quality control checks to ensure that our tiles are free from any defects. As a premium wall tiles manufacturer, We also focused on innovation and regularly introduce new designs and patterns in our collection.
Now, you may wonder, when I can paint my walls, why will I make an expense to have wall tiles? We know you might have this doubt, so here we, as the best wall tiles manufacturer company, have calculated some reasons.

How Wall Tiles Are Better Compared To Painting Walls?

1) Quality:

You might have seen that it becomes difficult to clean walls when stained, it's just impossible to get that stain off your wall, which may make your home look ugly. At that time, tiles become a great alternative to paints as they are easy to clean and do not wear off quickly. You can check the various wall tiles as per your needs.

2) Durability:

Wall paints may fade with time, and you may be forced to repaint your home in 2-3 years, but when you use attractive wall tiles, they don't fade and last as long as you want. Therefore consider the durability factor, and as a wall tile manufacturing firm, we are here to assist you and make your dreams a reality.

3) Versatility:

When you paint your walls, your options are limited to selecting the colours, but at Ijaro Ceramic, the best wall tile manufacturing firm produces various wall tiles of different sizes, patterns and finishes.

4) Maintenance:

When you use wall paints, it becomes hard for you to maintain the newness always, but in the case of wall tiles, the maintenance is easy and not laborious. You take a wet cloth and clean your tiles to give them a new look.

5) Cost-effectiveness:

You may think painting is a cost-friendly option, but the expense of painting your wall is recurring in nature, whereas tiling your wall is a one-time investment when you think of the long-run. But keep one thing in mind, always insist on buying tiles from the best wall tiles manufacturer company.
Therefore, these are the various benefits of wall tiles compared to paints. We at Ijaro Ceramics, the wall tiles manufacturer, have a diverse collection of tiles for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. You can check our various categories to know more.

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