Double Charge Tiles

Double-charged tiles are a type of vitrified tile. These tiles are manufactured with 4 main raw materials; clay, silica, feldspar, and quartz. All these raw materials are known for their exceptional strength and durability. Vitrified tiles are a popular option among homeowners and workspace owners because of their dual surface of tiles.
These tiles are generally thicker than normal vitrified tiles and can deliver great performance under extreme pressure, that is, these tiles can withstand a great amount of pressure and foot traffic. Our double-charge vitrified tiles are available in 3 primary sizes.

Double Charge Tiles

These 3 sizes are enough to cover your space with amazing aesthetics. Our double-charged vitrified tiles are 3-4mm thicker than normal vitrified tiles, meaning they can last for a long time without any compromises on aesthetics or features. The 2 layers of tiles in double-charged vitrified tiles are produced and designed by a team of professionals that allows us to deliver eye-appealing and long-lasting double-charged vitrified tiles.
The availability of different sizes allows our customers to decorate their spaces with accuracy and precision. As a leading tiles manufacturer in India, it is our job to deliver an amazing line of products and services, to surpass expectations.
  • - Ideal for heavy-duty use and commercial settings

  • - Resistant to scratch and stain. Thus, no need for regular cleaning.

  • - Easy Maintenance and long-lasting nature

  • - Incredibly durable because of the double layer of tiles.

  • - Able to withstand a great amount of foot traffic.

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